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Microbiologist’ lab pump (PMi™) and its automatic dispensing arm (XY500™)

  • Rapid and accurate filling
  • User-friendly system
  • Quality culture media dispenser
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Part of our AES Blue Line, the combination of PMi™ and XY500™ automates the filling of your tubes and bottles to provide you with your very own ready-to-use culture media.


Automated culture media filling system

Replacing manual operations of culture media preparation, PMi™ (High Precision Peristaltic Dispenser) and XY500™ (Robotic Module) will enhance the productivity of your laboratory. They can fill up to a thousand tubes per hour, and this with complete accuracy : a real cost-effective solution. With an integrated calibration system, save programs to automatically dispense the right dose of culture media (from 1ml to 500ml) into your tube or bottle.

With an automatic repositioning of the dispensing tip, the combination of PMi™ and XY500™ demonstrates high performance.


Quality features for a quality solution

The preparation of your culture media is a critical part of a food laboratory’s microbial detection and enumeration process. As part of the AES Blue Line, PMi™-XY500™ shows complete reliability and efficiency.

  • Reproducibility : Tubes and bottles are filled with a high level of accuracy  as precision is 1% for 9, 15, 90, 225 mL doses
  • Flexibility : This system dispenses volumes from 1 ml to 500 ml & switching from tube to bottle filling can be done in seconds
  • User-friendly : the intuitive software, touchscreen, and color leds make the system easy to program

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