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Food Safety & Food Quality at bioMérieux

Boost your Microbiology Performance!

bioMérieux Industry continually innovates to bring you instruments, reagents and services to help you better meet your needs and improve food safety & quality.

In the food laboratories, standard procedures are sample collection, sample preparation, inoculation and culture preparation, incubation, enumeration of quality indicators, pathogen detection and decision. But growing pressures in the laboratory (as deliver faster results, manage higher workloads, …) requires new approach to maximize efficiency.


With more than 50 years’ experience working with food microbiology laboratories, we have been there throughout the evolution of challenges facing labs around the world. Now, bioMérieux Industry proposes you complete solutions to help optimize your laboratory from Sample to Decision to operate faster with greater efficiencies and accuracy.


Through Full Microbiology Laboratory Automation, bioMérieux Industry offers you an extensive portfolio of solutions to enable your organization to accurately and quickly make decisions about food safety & quality with confidence.


Solutions for Dairy Industries

Dairy industries

Solutions for Beverages Industries

Beverages Industries

Viruses & Parasites PCR detection kits

Virus PCR detection kits

Viral foodborne illnesses

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