BCN Labs implements GENE-UP to improve Laboratory Workflow

16 March, 2017


BCN uses biomerieux PCR listeria, PCR salmonella system GENE-UP

BCN Research Laboratories is a food, beverage, and water testing laboratory located in Rockford, Tennessee that has been providing unparalleled service to the food and beverage processing industry since 1988.

In early 2016, they realized an immediate need to find and implement new technology to keep up with their growing business and its everincreasing demands, while eliminating frustrating and costly false positive results.


PCR Listeria detection GENE UP to be implemented in US labs

BCN’s objective was 1) to significantly improve the accuracy and selectivity of the screening method and 2) to increase sample capacity and improve workflow while using existing personnel resources and laboratory space. Several platforms were evaluated, but many were too laborious, inflexible, and didn’t meet overall performance standards.

BCN reviewed GENE-UP PCR technology and recognized the potential value added benefits and efficiencies from features such as:

FRET Probe & Melt curve specificity, 5 minute mechanical lysis, Magic Cap lysis transfer, and <1 hour thermocylcer run time.



BCN realized performance and efficiency improvements almost immediately. They quickly accelerated the evaluation period and began full implementation in a matter of weeks. Key decision factors:

  • The results were much more accurate and consistent than their previous system.

  • An entire 96 sample plate could now be proccessed at a much more efficient speed.

  • GENE-UP proved to be much more flexible, with easy to interpret results.

  • Using GENE-UP required one less tech on staff, while processing 1500 more samples per week.

BCN Labs implements PCR Listeria &amp; PCR Salmonella system GENE UP


The GENE-UP solution provided our operation with the increased capacity we needed to handle the surges in our busy season. The GENE-UP system helped increase sample throughput by 25% with minimal effect on hours. The trainability of the system, reliability and consistency of results, and easy to use software have made it a critical component of our customer offering.

Addy Villarreal, Laboratory Supervisor BCN Research Laboratories



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