AIR IDEAL® 3P ® Traceability

Air sampling system for the detection of airborne microorganisms

  • Pharmaceutical Proven Performance
  • Reliable
  • Easy-to-use
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The complete, practical and reliable solution for aerobiocontamination control.

With the AIRsampler AIRIDEAL® 3P® Traceability, bioMérieux is committed to the microbiological control of air.

Airquality control is a key process in the quality system of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries.

This control must meet the ever higher requirements defined by increasingly strict regulations.


AIRIDEAL® 3P® -  AIRenvironmental monitoring in total confidence.

This new airsampler has been developed in order to offer the best:

-  collection efficiency, following the ISO 14698 standard.

-  cleanability with the validation of the aircrcuit decontamination.

-  ability to be used in isolators.


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