Smart incubator and colony counter

Creating a culture of data integrity

Learn more with our publication: Creating a culture of data integrity unsing an automated detction and enumeration method

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EVISIGHT® Compact is a smart incubator that is scanning plates and providing real images of each plate.

The colonies are detected and counted by highly specified algorithms. The detection starts at a size of 20 – 50 microns.

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The standardized automated reading of plates is significantly changing the level of reliability and traceability for manual microbial tests in the Pharmaceutical area.

EVISIGHT® Compact reducing workload and costs

  • Providing an earlier alarm for OOS results for any kind of samples representing an important value for the quality and safety of the final product like raw materials, in process control samples and water
  • Helping to avoid deviations due to the ability to “go back in time” in case of overgrown plates, thus being able to determine the original number of colonies on the plate

  • Incubation at 2 different temperature ranges
  • Use with conventional plates and white filters
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • 4 drawers can be connected to 1 PC

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