SampLok®   Sampling Kit

Bio-Sampling and Transfer Kits

Safe, Efficient, Flexible

  • Simple safe solution for bacterial and laboratory test sampling
  • Efficient Process for collection and transfer of samples
  • Controlled measurment of sample volume
  • Minimizes waste for biological samples
  • Flexible fit for culture bottles and vacuum tubes
  • Reduced risk of needle stick injuries
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Safe, Efficient, Flexible 

Simple and efficient design reduces the number of procedure steps

Gravity-fill sampling process

Two volume options – 10 ml and 16 ml

Integrated safety lid provides needlestick protection

Compatible with standard blood collection bags and culture bottles

Closed system sampling

Stay open lid feature

SampLok® 10mL sampling kit 
delivers a single aliquot of up to 10mL

to a BacT/ALERT reagent bottle

SampLok® 16mL sampling kit
delivers two aliquots of up to 8mL each
to a pair BacT/ALERT reagent bottles






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