Standardized manual identification method

  • World reference
  • Easy interpretation
  • Cost-effective solution
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Our API®/ID32 range is the international reference in terms of microbial identification. Simple, rapid and reliable, our solutions cover more than 600 different species and are a proof of bioMérieux’ expertise in bacteriology.

Standardized microbial identification

The API®/ID32 range is the ideal solution if you seek a simplified and standardized identification method: it is the miniaturized version of the current existing identification techniques. ISO 7218 compliant, all strips, sets of tests selected for a specific bacterial group, are ready-to-use and demonstrate easy interpretation process.

Including 15 identification systems covering more than 600 bacteria species, the API®/ID32 solution is the reference in identification.

API®: the reference in manual microbial identification

  • Cost-effective solution: no consequent investment
  • Rapid time to result: from 18 to 72 hours
  • Flexibility: one solution for all your identification operations
  • Time-saving solution: all strips are ready-to-use
  • International reference: used technique to teach microbial identification in many higher education centers
  • Easy interpretation

Simplified and up-to-date interpretation with APIWEB®

To complement our API® system and simplify your identifications, we have designed  : an internet platform to guide you through all interpretation processes.

This state-of-the-art interpretation tool contains all the API®databases and is available at anytime, from anywhere. 

Extremely intuitive, APIWEB®generates complete reports associated with each identification, providing you with information such as:

  • Comments reflecting identification reliability
  • Probability of species identification index
  • Typicity index
  • Complete biochemical profile additional information
  • Updated on a regular basis















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