High efficiency microbial air sampler

  • Compact system
  • Excellent collection rate
  • HPA validated system
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It is essential for cosmetic companies to regularly evaluate the quality of their environment. Validated by the Health Protection Agency (HPA, UK), SAMPL’AIR™ is a high efficiency microbial air sampler. 

Reliable air monitoring system

Easy-to-use, SAMPL’AIRTM relies on the well-established impaction method:

  • Airborne microorganisms are collected through a stainless steel grid
  • Microorganisms are impacted onto a standard 90 mm petri dish attached to the device
  • Samples can be easily controlled

With a microorganism collection rate of 99%, SAMPL’AIRTM demonstrates high efficiency, even with the smallest particles. Light and easy to transport, it is the ideal solution if you wish to regularly perform thorough  air quality control.

Why choose SAMPL’AIRTM ?

Comfortable: compact and light , easy to transport

Easy-to-use: intuitive device

Efficient: detects presence of bacteria, yeast and mold

SAMPL’AIRTM is available with two levels of functionality: SAMPL’AIRTM Lite and Sampl’air Pro

The Pro version includes the traceability functions and the PC/printer connection.

Sampling volume adjustable from 50 litres to 10 m3

Delayed start adjustable from 1 s to 60 min

Infrared remote control (allows access to several SAMPL’AIRTM simultaneously)

Alphanumerical display of messages and parameters

Alphanumerical keyboard

Flowrate: 100 litres/min

Dimensions: 130 x 170 x 300 mm

Weight: device + grid (battery installed) < 1,8 kg

device in its case with accessories < 3,5 kg

Battery lasts for 4 hours = 25 cycles of 10 min (tested on more than 10,000 uninterrupted sampling cycles)

110 – 240 V Battery charger

Please consult our local company or representatives for the availability of these products in your country

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