Our People

With over 50 years’ experience at the forefront of microbiological diagnostics the people of bioMérieux have a deep understanding of the challenges that manufacturers face when ensuring product safety and quality.

Our quality, scientific affairs, field specialists and R&D teams work hand-in-hand with our clients to create and implement ground-breaking solutions to everyday problems.

We are committed to bringing the best ideas and most responsible innovation to every client and project. And we know that achieving this begins with our talented staff right here at bioMérieux; here’s a bit more about our different teams:

Quality team

The Quality team provides ongoing assurance for customers that our products are the highest levels of quality and performance.

They are involved in the development, manufacturing, and lifecycle management of our solutions, ensuring all aspects of our work are in full compliance with current regulations and standards.

The Quality team also provides customer support on a daily basis and plays an important role in our client relationships for in-person visits and audits.

Scientific affairs

Our scientists interact with customers in several unique ways. They help them to identify testing requirements by leveraging their expert knowledge of standard methods (think ISO, CEN, GMP, FDA) and regulations.

They also assist with official implementation and validation of rapid and alternative methods (including ISO 16140, AOAC, and Pharmacopeias) and provide technical support.

As experts in their field our scientists also speak regularly at conferences and participate in many international organizations. They lead partnerships, collaborate with other experts and provide up-to-date scientific knowledge of new technologies, emerging trends, and imminent regulatory changes.

Field Application specialists

Field Application Specialists are our primary customer-facing staff and many clients see them as key partners in their work.

They gain an intimate understanding of each customer’s needs, issues and goals, supporting them with scientific knowledge and experience gained in industry.

Their main roles are to find solutions for customers, using our products where appropriate, and offer daily support and troubleshooting when needed.

They also improve customer expertise by delivering high level training and assistance with specific qualification and validation strategies.

R&D team

Our R&D scientists are central to both product development and customer satisfaction. Through a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements they foster a culture of excellence and innovation that drives our business forward.

Our R&D team continually creates and launches high-performing products by focusing on customer applications and workflows, while collaborating closely with them during all stages of product development.

With more than 13% of our sales re-invested in R&D, our scientists have the widest portfolio of technologies in industrial microbiology and are also experts at identifying novel technologies to add to our capabilities.

Manufacturing team

Our specialist manufacturing and industrialization teams maintain optimized inventory levels and ensure product quality.

This work requires an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and a commitment to continually improving processes and tools.

Our manufacturing operations are increasingly supported by robotics, automation, data analytics, and other innovations that enable us to react faster to new customer requirements.

There are over 10,000 employees at bioMérieux.

48% of employees are women.

Employees are present in 43 countries.

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