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Partnership between Lactalis & bioMérieux

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The Lactalis Group is a leading worldwide dairy company founded in 1933.

They have been faithful to their commitment to dairy processing for three generations while continuing to develop and grow their three major brands, President, Galbani, and Parmalat.

Maintaining a premium level of food safety & quality across the entire portfolio is crucial in times of business expansion.

With this in mind, let’s meet Emmanuel Mallo, Vice President of Quality at the Lactalis Group.

1. Sampling is key to prevention


When deciding to release a product, numerous parameters are considered when it comes to sampling: representability, size of the sample, and time to result.

The result of the analysis is articulated either as a success or a failure, but it’s already too late by then, the challenge now lies in procuring the information beforehand…

Emmanuel MALLO
VP Quality - Lactalis Group

2. Maintaining people’s know how


If we are to ensure food safety & quality without testing finished products, then the skills and knowledge of people need to be placed at the heart of the discussion to get as close as possible to process control.

To have qualified individuals at all times means placing special emphasis on the sharing of best practices

Emmanuel MALLO
VP Quality - Lactalis Group

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3.Accelerate decision making


Data is generated everywhere and at any time. This perpetual cycle raises the question of getting the best out of data to better share information, to create digital workflows, and to capitalize on visual representations. When you can identify data trends, you can accelerate your decision making.

I consider a challenge to be speeding up as much as possible the action-decision cycle

Emmanuel MALLO
VP Quality - Lactalis Group

4. Unlock in-hand data, generate more to better predict


It’s important to generate data in high quantities at a maximum level of frequency so data experts can create a full analysis.

Advanced technologies can ultimately predict changes in complex scenarios

Emmanuel MALLO
VP Quality - Lactalis Group

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