BACT/ALERT® 3D Rapid Microbial Detection

Patented Colorimetric Technology

Ensuring patient and consumer safety is key for public health and your business success. BACT/ALERT® 3D was developed as an effective and sturdy solution for industrial sterility testing.


From its space-saving modular design to ease-of-use to flexible data management, it’s a state-of-the-art solution for any size lab that provides you with a reliable and objective alternative to traditional microbial detection methods.


Mains benefits :

●    Modular system that grows with your sterility testing needs
●    High and low temperature modules for dual incubation conditions compliant with the different pharmacopoeias
●    Real-time results allow for early operational interventions
●    LIMS compatible for data tracking and compliance
●    User-friendly interface and workflow for efficient microbial testing
●    Wide range of BACT/ALERT® 3D Culture media bottles, adapted to the type of microbial detection performed
●    Ready to use media bottles – inoculate and load
●    Globally recognized by the industry and pharmacopoeias as alternative sterility testing method        

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Automated, reliable and objective microbial detection

user friendly

Easy-of-use for a streamlined workflow


21 CFR Part 11 conform data management system


Non-destructive sterility testing for subsequent identification

Myla IT management system for microbiology labs

Compatible with MYLA® for data management

Product tests

Using our patented colorimetric technology and the innovative BACT/ALERT® Culture media bottles, BACT/ALERT® 3D detects a wide variety of microorganisms including bacteria, molds, and yeasts.

Bacterial platelet quality control

Pharmaceuticals – Traditional and Bioproduction

Advanced Therapies and Medicines Products

Aseptic foods and beverages


•    CE MARKING CERTIFICATION for quality control of platelet with BPA and BPN culture media bottles

•    FDA 510(k) CLEARANCE (Blood Banks) for quality control testing and safety measure secondary testing of platelets with BPA and BPN culture media bottles

Ensures rapid microbial detection

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