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ENDONEXT™ endotoxin detection assays are ushering in a new era of smarter, more sustainable pharmaceutical quality control.  


Based on recombinant Factor C (rFC), ENDONEXT™ technology not only eliminates the need to harvest horseshoe crab blood, but also makes your laboratory more efficient. With 100% endotoxin specificity, lot-to-lot consistency, and more streamlined workflows, ENDONEXT™ provides reliable results everywhere from in-process controls to final product testing on the most complex matrices. 


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Main Benefits 

  • 100% endotoxin specificity  

  • High lot-to-lot consistency 

  • Ecologically sustainable 

  • Validated according to standard pharmacopoeia Bacteria Endotoxin Testing criteria  

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Easy automation with robotic liquid-handling systems 

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Fluorescence end-point assays in a 96-well microplate format 


We make endotoxin testing FASTER, EASIER, and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, plus lot-to-lot consistency gives you confidence in your in-process control and product release decisions. Explore the ENDONEXT™ range of products.



  • • ENDOLISA®  

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