Environmental Pathogen Management-Working Towards a Preventive Model

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Environmental Pathogen Management-Working Towards a Preventive Model

Environmental Pathogen Management (EPM)

Environmental Pathogen Management (EPM) is an increasingly important food safety pre-requisite program as Regulatory Bodies move towards more preventive controls in food manufacturing. A large number of international guidance documents for EPM have been developed, but there is currently no clear, globally-accepted framework for implementation, resulting in significant variability in the application of EPM. 

This webinar will present a risk-based model for an EPM program, which aligns with international guidelines and expectations. The model offers a pathway for the standardized implementation of EPM in Food company. 

About the Speaker

Jack Van Der Sanden has worked in the global food industry for more than 30 years. He has a strong cross-functional background, leading production, technical, supply chain and food safety & quality teams. As the General Manager of Food Safety & Quality Assurance at Fonterra, he led a company-wide food safety review of Fonterra’s manufacturing base in 2014 and there design of Fonterra’s standards for HACCP and Environmental Pathogen Management(EPM). He has advised small and medium food businesses in New-Zealand and managed international consultancy projects in the USA, Europe and China. He has also conducted food safety & quality training and mentored many food safety professionals around the world. Jack has a food technology degree from The Netherlands and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dairy Science & Technology from Massey University in New Zealand 
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