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Friday Foodie Talk: A Conversation with Sean Leighton

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Sean Leighton, Global Vice President of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Cargill

digital solutions for food safety plants

In this session, Sean Leighton, Global Vice President of Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Cargillwill give you his point of view concerning these ongoing questions:

- Issues like traceability being raised among suppliers, producers, regulators and even consumers, what is your point of view towards this increasing demand?

Regarding internal audits, what is the current prevailing approach in the food industry?

What kind of data would be incorporated in these digital solutions in order to advance food safety?

How can industry leaders like Cargill impact the mindset change and advocate for global adoption across the supply chain?

Can you imagine that a digital solutions application could be used to truly calculate the value of a food safety program?

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