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4. Unlock in-hand data, generate more to better predict (LACTALIS)

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The Group Lactalis, is a leading worldwide dairy company founded in 1933. It has remained faithful to its original commitment to dairy processing for three generations, whilst leveraging external growth as part of its strategy by capitalizing on and developing its three major brands (Président, Galbani and Parmalat), as well as continuing to invest in local ones.

Maintaining a premium level of food safety & quality across the entire portfolio, is crucial in times of business expansion. The Innovative solutions of tomorrow in the domain of food safety and quality, will offer real-life opportunities for companies like The Group Lactalis.

With this in mind, let’s meet Emmanuel MALLO, VP Quality at Lactalis Group.

4. Unlock in-hand data, generate more to better predict


Dairy products are complex to manufacture. In order to achieve optimal levels of control, numerous components are required. It’s important to generate data in high quantities at a maximum level of frequency, with the analysis carried out by system and data experts to allow us to master the process. In parallel, as we already have a decent amount of data we can get started.

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Advanced technologies can ultimately predict changes in complex scenarios

Emmanuel MALLO
VP Quality - Lactalis Group


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