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The future Of Food Safety

by Joy Dell'Aringa
15 min read

Are you ready to become a game-changer? .. Imagine the future of Food Safety

Automation and new technologies are quietly but surely transforming our labs. As food microbiology turns to new protocols, the industry will need thought leaders and remarkable managers to accompany our people towards new expertise, redefining how the profession operates as the times are changing. Will you be one of them?
Join thought leaders and experts from bioMérieux. Imagine the future of the Food Safety Lab, and how Lab people can spearhead changes to better, safer and more sustainable food:

The future of food testing is a frontier of opportunity

Join thought leaders and experts from bioMérieux

  • Dr. Robert E. Brackett, IIT Vice-President and Director at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute for Food Safety and Health
  • Joy E. Dell’Aringa, M.S., RM (NRCM), Business Development Manager, bioMérieux
  • Dr. Stan Bailey, Senior Director, Scientific Affairs, bioMérieux
  • Isabelle Desforges, Marketing Scientific Manager/Scientific Affairs, Food Microbiology, bioMérieux
  • Erin Crowley, Chief Scientific Officer, Q Laboratories, inc

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