Mengovirus extraction control Kit

Real-time RT-PCR detection kits

Determine viral extraction efficiency from sample preparations
Recommended in  ISO/TS15216-1&2 Standard
50 sample extraction controls with each kit 

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Mengovirus Extraction Control kit 

The Mengovirus Extraction Control kit KMG contains the Mengovirus strain VMC0 in a known quantity and specific primers and probes for this virus to act as an extraction process control sample. 50 sample extraction controls can be performed with each kit (sufficient materials provided to perform extraction control, standard curve generation, and RT-PCR detection).  Recommended in  ISO/TS15216-1&2 Standard.

• Determine viral extraction efficiency from sample preparations
• Assemble extraction controls with included master mix, enzyme mix, and Mengovirus
• Mengovirus specific nucleotides labeled with FAM™ dye and includes ROX™ passive reference dye



Mengovirus is a murine virus of the Picornaviridae family used for the control of blood products. Mengovirus strain MC0 is a culturable recombinant virus. This virus has structural and physico-chemical properties close to those of hepatitis A virus. It is a non-enveloped virus with a single strand RNA. It has resistance properties in environments close to those of targeted viruses, should not be expected to occur naturally in matrices under testing, while being genetically distinct from the target viruses in order to be able to be differentiated.

Determine Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Efficiency

By adding a known quantity of Mengovirus in each sample prior to any processing, it is possible to define an extraction efficiency for each sample after amplification by real time RT-PCR and compare with an equal quantity of Mengovirus purified from cell culture. Inhibition can be evaluated by analyzing pure and diluted RNA sample extracts. Mengovirus can be used with all types of matrices.


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