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  • Enhance your productivity
  • Have peace of mind: quality becomes a routine
    Easy and flexible
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MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system, and part of bioMérieux’ AES Blue Line. 

This range of solutions places automation at the heart of your laboratory and improves your workflow, from media to sample preparation.


Masterclave: the 1st step of the Detection / Numeration

Masterclave is the ideal solution for broth preparation when high volume of broth is required for Pepne water, half Fraser or other broth used for the detection or numeration of bacteria for food microbiologica lcontrol (VIDAS, GENE UP, TEMPO..).

Available in 4different capacities, the robust MASTERCLAVE® demonstrates high performance for the preparation of your culture media, agar or broth.*



Enhance your productivity!

Get rid of these manual steps with automated preparation:
Weighing, Water addition, Homogenisation, Autoclaving, Water bathing, Traceability..
Ready when lab opens:Your Culture Media available anytime!
Autostart feature (automatic water fillingwith delayed start)

Easy & Flexible

For 25g or 375g sample sizes Adapt your Broth production according to your needs : from 1 to 60L…  

The solution for every lab:

Adapt your production according to your needs, from 1 to 20L (agar and broth) and to your ressources.

Have peace of mind: Quality becomes a standard

•ISO 11133, ISO7218 and GMP compliant
• Sterilisation and dispensing under control:
Perfect stirring and T° control :  bring to your lab Homogeneity - Fertility -  Sterility and reproducibility of the Culture Media Manufacturer
• Fully automated traceability


* features available according countries and devices : contact your sales representative for more information)

Please consult our local company or representatives for the availability of these products in your country

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