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Food companies worldwide have relied on CHEMUNEX® technology to deliver safe, high-quality products to their customers for more than 20 years. These companies know they are not only releasing a safe product but also enjoying the financial benefits of ultra rapid microbiology - gaining efficiencies on both the production floor and in the laboratory.

Ultra-Rapid Microbial Testing solutions








Need to reduce your production time?

Increase your manufacturing and supply chain productivity through the ultra rapid microbiology testing solution allowing dramatic reductions of QC quarantine times

Save time, Decrease costs

Global benefits for the company

Like many others industrial companies, in the dairy or beverages market , achieve your objectives of enhancing profitability & product quality through CHEMUNEX® ultra rapid microbial testing. Return on investment down to 6 months.

Benefits for the laboratory
Microbial quality controls are not the bottleneck of a safe product release process

Benefits for the Quality department
Reduce non-quality costs (no defects, no recalls)
Reduce safety stock

Benefits for the manufacturing department
Reduce lead time, Improve production capacity
Rapidly response to contamination incidents

Benefits for the supply chain
Save up to 12 days on quarantine time
and up to 20% of the required storage area.
Decrease end product inventory costs.

Benefits for the financial department
Decrease working capital requirements and increase cashflow


Chemunex systems are used in routine every day worldwide


Throughout the dairy industry, quality control laboratories are facing increasing pressure to cut the turnaround time on their microbiological testing. The main driver for this is the desire within many companies to reduce production cycle times and  inventories, implement just-in-time manufacturing processes, minimize the risk and cost associated with potential in-process contamination whilst continuing to guarantee and enhance the quality of products delivered to customers.

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  • Commercial Sterility test for Desserts and milk based products
  • Commercial Sterility testing for UHT Milk
  • Presence / Absence Test of Enterobacteriaceae in Yogurts and Fermented Milk Products
  • Yeast Detection in Yogurts and Fermented Milk Products 

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Food Safety solutions for Dairy Industries
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Product releases based on effectiveness, safety and quickness are becoming an increasingly important factor for all beverages manufacturers worldwide. As classical microbiology is limited by the growth rate of microorganisms on culture media, rapid microbiology systems have become more and more interesting to quality assurance managers during the last few years, also driven by trend of non-preserved beverages and change from traditional glass bottle to modern PET bottle requiring highest demands for aseptic filling.

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- Yeast Detection in Fruit Preparations, Fruit Juices and beverages 

- Yeast and Molds detection in Non Filterable Beverages and Fruit Juices  

- Presence / Absence Test of Yeast & Molds in Filterable Beverages 

- Commercial Sterility test for Fruit Juices and beverages

Other protocols available:

- Process water testing : Direct analysis 

- Commercial Sterility testing for Soups and Sauces


Take advantage of CHEMUNEX® ultra rapid Microbiology testing

Chemunex Solutions for Dairy Market | chemunex solutions for Beverages Market

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Unique Proven Technology

CHEMUNEX® Cell Labeling Technology ensures that all viable microorganisms including those growing in conditions of stress such nutrient-depleted process water or in the presence of growth inhibitors are labeled.

Automated, extremely sensitive and ultra-rapid, CHEMUNEX® analyzers perform direct labeling and detection of microorganisms, cell by cell. 

  • Universal labeling of viable bacteria, yeasts and molds
  • Effective for organisms that are environmentally stressed, nutrient-depleted or in presence of growth inhibitors
  • Objective Yes/No results require no interpretation
  • Generate results within minutes after 24 hours (50h for molds)
    Full validation support available


      rapid microbiology method for food products microbiological testing  rapid microbiology method for food products microbiological testing



      A wide range of industrial applications is available for rapid microbiology testing of food products. Contact us for more information.



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