VIDAS® Solutions for Listeria spp

Automated Food Pathogen Detection System

  • Extremely simplified next day results
  • Revolutionary phage technology
  • Full traceability
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Next Day Solution for the detection of Listeria spp


VIDAS® UP Listeria is a high performance automated solution designed for the detection of Listeria spp in food products.
VIDAS® UP Listeria combines the cutting-edge phage recombinant protein technology and the ease-of-use of the VIDAS® system. It provides extremely reliable results.
Time-saving and cost-effective, VIDAS® LPT accelerates corrective action plans in case of contamination.

Benefits of VIDAS® UP Listeria (LPT)

  • Extremely FAST

 Next day detection
1 hour VIDAS® run

  • Extremely EASY

Single enrichment: one broth, one strip, one day
Only one transfer step: hands-on time is reduced and risk of error is minimized
Ready-to-use media
Confirm your test on a chromogenic plate

  • Extremely FLEXIBLE

Up to 8 hours incubation range : process the samples as they come on Day 0, get the results on Day 1
Same protocol for all food and environmental samples
Room temperature storage

  • ISO and AOAC validated




Detection of Listeria spp

Discover the VIDAS® LIS solution, designed for the detection of Listeria spp in food products.
This reliable single dose test is composed of a strip containing the ready-to-use reagents and solid phase receptacle (SPR) coated with specific antibodies.
Results for the detection of Listeria spp are released in less than 48 hours.

Why choose VIDAS® LIS?

  • Optimized protocol: common enrichment for both VIDAS® LIS and VIDAS® LMO2 (detection of Listeria monocytogenes)
  • Fast: total time-to-result of 48 hours including total enrichment time
  • Reliable



Detection of Listeria spp & monocytogenes

This automated solution is the first to simultaneously screen and detect both Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes in food products, ensuring complete visibility on the presence of Listeria.

Use VIDAS® LDUO and adopt a proactive approach

  • Minimize the risk of of Listeria monocytogenes presence
  • Use a more relevant sampling program
  • Adapt sanitation to specific areas once Listeria spp has been detected
  • Reduce the risk of product recalls
  • Optimize corrective actions by routinely testing for both Listeria spp and Listeria monocytogenes

Why choose VIDAS® LDUO?

  • Confidence : complete visibility of the presence of Listeria
  • Improves productivity : you know in advance whether you need to confirm presence of Listeria spp or Listeria monocytogenes
  • Cost-effective: only one simple detection protocol followed by targeted confirmation
  • Reliable :  internationally validated

Proven technology for the detection of foodborne pathogens

The ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) based VIDAS® system can perform all stages of analysis. Entirely automated from sample insertion to results, with ready-to-use kits and reduced handling, the results generated by VIDAS® are objective, and full traceability is ensured.

VIDAS® LPT specifications
Target Listeria spp.
Enrichment medium Listeria Phage Technology (LPT broth)
Total enrichment time 22-30 hrs for environment, 26-30 hrs for foods
VIDAS®run 62 min


  VIDAS® LIS specifications


Listeria spp.

Pre-enrichment medium

Depending on applied guidelines:
ISO, FDA or USDA/FSIS pre-enrichment broth

Enrichment medium

Depending on applied guidelines:
ISO, FDA or USDA/FSIS enrichment broth

Total enrichment time

40 - 52 hrs


50 min


Pre-enrichment medium Listeria Xpress (LX) broth
Enrichment medium Listeria Xpress (LX) broth
Total enrichment time 44 - 52 hrs
VIDAS® run 127 min


Heat & Go

Simplify your VIDAS® protocols with this dry heating system, designed to heat 12 strips simultaneously

ISO 16140 AFNOR BIO-12/33-05/12
All human food and production environment samples
AOAC International Official Method 2013.10
Variety of foods, selected 125g samples and environmental surfaces
ISO 16140 AFNOR BIO-12/2-06/94
All human food products and production environment samples
AOAC International Official Method 999.06
Variety of foods
Official Method 2004.06
Variety of foods, common protocol with VIDAS® Listeria monocytogenes 2 (LMO2)
Performance Tested Method #981212
Environmental surfaces
International validations LDUO
ISO 16140 AFNOR BIO-12/18-03/06
All human food and production environment samples
AOAC International Performance Tested Method #100702
Variety of foods


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