VIDAS®  Solutions for Salmonella

Automated Food Pathogen Detection System

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Next Day Solution for the detection of Salmonella

VIDAS®UP Salmonella is a high performance automated solution designed for the detection of Salmonella in food products.

VIDAS® SPT combines the cutting-edge phage recombinant protein technology and the ease-of-use of the VIDAS®system.

Providing reliable results in less than 19 hours and validated for samples of up to 375g, this innovative solution is both time-saving and cost-effective,
as its speed can accelerate corrective action plans in case of contamination. 

Benefits of VIDAS® SPT

Fast solution: time to result is less than 19 hours

  • Earlier product release
  • Improved storage management
  • Internal and external customers informed more rapidly
  • More efficient corrective action plans and CIP, in case of positive results

Easy solution

  • Less hands on time: only one enrichment in buffered peptone water is necessary
  • Gain flexibility: incubation time is from 18 to 24 hours

ISO and AOAC validated



VIDAS® SLM is an easy and flexible solution to detect Salmonella in food products. 

This reliable single dose test is composed of a strip containing the ready-to-use reagents and solid phase receptacle (SPR) coated with specific antibodies.  
With results released in less than 48 hours, this solution will answer your needs. 

Why choose VIDAS® SLM?

Flexible : 2 different protocols to suit your very own needs

  • Dual enrichment protocol with reference method broths
  • Easy Salmonella protocol with enrichment in one single broth designed to enhance Salmonella growth and limit competitive flora

Fast : total time to result of 48 hours including total enrichment time
Reliable : international validations 


Proven technology for the detection of foodborne pathogens

The ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) based VIDAS® system can perform all stages of analysis. Entirely automated from sample insertion to results, with ready-to-use kits and reduced handling, the results generated by VIDAS® are objective, and full traceability is ensured.

VIDAS® UP Salmonella

   Specifications of VIDAS® UP Salmonella
Target Salmonella spp.
Enrichment medium Buffered Peptone Water + supplement
Total enrichment time 18-24 hrs
VIDAS® run 48 min











Easy Salmonella


Salmonella spp.

Salmonella spp.

Pre-enrichment medium

Depending on applied guidelines (ISO, FDA or USDA/FSIS enrichment broth)

Depending on applied guidelines (ISO, FDA or USDA/FSIS enrichment broth)

Enrichment medium

Depending on applied guidelines: 
ISO, FDA or USDA/FSIS enrichment broth
+ post enrichment broth in M broth

Salmonella Xpress 2 broths

Total enrichment time

38-48 hrs

38-48 hrs


45 min

45 min


VIDAS International validations

  ISO 16140 AOAC International
 UP Salmonella

AFNOR BIO-12/32-10/11

All human food, animal feeding stuffs
and production environmental
samples, selected 50 to 375g samples, primary production samples

Official Method 2013.01

Variety of foods, selected 375g
samples, chicken carcass rinsate and envionmental surface


AFNOR BIO-12/01-04/94

All human food products
and animal feeding stuffs

Official Method 2004.03
and 996.08

Variety of foods

 Easy Salmonella

AFNOR BIO-12/16-09/05

All human food products, animal feeding
stuffs and production environment

Official Method 2011.03

Variety of foods and
environmental surfaces












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