VITEK® 2 Compact

Fully automated microbial identification system

  • Increased productivity & safety
  • Full traceability
  • Rapid results
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VITEK® 2 Compact is a fully automated system which guarantees excellence in routine microbial identification.

Increased productivity through automated identification

VITEK® 2 Compact is the result of years of bioMérieux experience in manual identification applied to an automated system. 

VITEK® 2 Compact includes an extended identification database, which enables you to detect a larger range of microorganisms. All identification stages from reading to the recording of results are automated, optimizing workflow. As the system operates with bar-coded cards, full traceability is ensured and the risk of transcription errors is minimized. 

With this system, both set-up and response time are reduced – time to result from 2 to 18 hours . VITEK® 2 Compact software is extremely intuitive and therefore requires less technician training, which results in higher productivity


Advanced Colorimetry Technology™ for microbial identification

The efficiency of the VITEK® 2 Compact system relies on the advanced colorimetry technology :  the system reads the latest generation VITEK® test cards – containing 64 wells to ensure accuracy – every 15 minutes using three different wavelengths. With this technique, more data is analyzed, which increases results’ accuracy.


Key benefits of VITEK® 2 Compact for microbial identification

  • Increased productivity and safety with automation
  • Same or next day results
  • Highest accuracy bringing confidence in results
  • Included in BAM and ISO 7218 compliant
  • AOAC OMA validated (BCL, GP and GN cards)
  • Complete Testing Menu
  • Supplemental react file available for customized database entries
  • Intuitive System and software
  • Traceability with bar-coded test cards
Developed and tested on > 17 000 isolates Time to Result
GN for all gram-negative bacilli  2-10 hours 
GP for all gram-positive cocci and lactic acid bacilli 2-8 hours
BCL for all gram-positive spore-forming bacilli  14 hours
YST for all yeast-like organisms 18 hours
ANC for anaerobic bacteria 6 hours 
CBC for Corynebacterium spp and related genera 8 hours



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