E.g., 09/18/2018
E.g., 09/18/2018

bioMérieux launches ENDOZYME® II GO, an innovative test for the detection of endotoxins in pharmaceutical microbiology control

01 June, 2018

bioMérieux, a world leader in the field of industrial microbiological control, announces the launch of ENDOZYME® II GO, a new endotoxin test in the bioMérieux ENDONEXTTM range of recombinant horseshoe crab Factor C (rFC...

bioMérieux new logotype and brand identity!

10 January, 2018

bioMérieux has chosen to develop a new logotype...

Accelerated Analytical Labs selected GENE UP

Accelerated Analytical Labs, which ensures food quality control for regional, national and global food producers, Selected the GENE-UP® Real Time PCR Molecular Testing Platform and Has Witnessed a dramatic improvement in Test Sensitivity, Quality and Speed of Results.

14 December, 2017

In the 6 months since Accelerated made the switch from an isothermal DNA amplification platform to the GENE-UP, the lab has slashed time to results, eliminated the repeat...

Trust your Data!

13 October, 2017

Ensuring Data Integrity by Automated Microbiology Testing...

Beauval Zoo is using VIDAS Progesterone

Beauval Zoo is using bioMérieux VIDAS #Progesterone for hormone analysis. Congratulations for the birth of Mini Yuan Zi ! Find out more on VIDAS: https://goo.gl/FV7oB9 Find out more on Mini Yuan Zi

05 September, 2017

Comparison of TEMPO BC and MYP Plate Methods for the Enumeration of Bacillus cereus in Various Foods

Comparison of TEMPO BC and MYP Plate Methods for the Enumeration of Bacillus cereus in Various FoodsDa Yeon Lee, Hee Yeon Kim1 , and Yong Sun Cho* Korea Food Research Institute, Food Analysis Center, Seongnam, Korea1KOTITI Testing & Research Institute, Microorganism Analysis Team, Seongnam, Korea(Received March 22, 2017/Revised May 10, 2017/Accepted July 19, 2017)   Read the full article online | Learn more about TEMPO BC          

05 September, 2017

18 th WAVLD : the World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians    

bioMérieux is participating to the upcoming WAVLD congress - Please visit us booth #19

07 June, 2017



In-cosmetics global, April 4-6th 2017, London

bioMérieux will participate to the upcoming in-cosmetics international trade show. Microbiology automation : Find latest innovations for your lab Please visit us Booth #DD55

04 April, 2017

bioMérieux Industry provides...

Seaweed: Norovirus contaminations?

  Norovirus (and other waterborne viruses) can enter ocean habitat from sewage outflows or through waste discharged. Noroviruses are highly contagious. Good Aquaculturing Practice, Good Hygiene Practice, and Good manufacturing Practice are key to prevent foodborne virus outbreaks.  

29 March, 2017

Definition of Seaweed

  1. A mass or growth of marine plants

  2. A plant growing in...

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