Next-day Alicyclobacillus and guaiacol producer results

GENE-UP® PRO ACB assay from bioMérieux predicts the presence of guaiacol – the metabolite that causes spoilage and off-flavors in beverages. Now with one single test, you can simultaneously screen raw ingredients and finished product for Alicyclobacillus spp. and guaiacol producers.

This truly predictive assay reduces time-to-result and allows you to release product faster with the confidence it will retain the taste your consumers expect

GENE-UP PRO ACB slider 1.jpg

PREDICTIVE, unique test with predictive model

PCR, détection mycoplasme

RAPID & ACCURATE, Next-day ACB and guaiacol results (27 hours)


SUSTAINABLE, Improve supply chain with accurate and timely data

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