Unrivalled Microbial Identification Range for Over 50 years

The Identification range features advanced microbial identification solutions suitable for a wide array of applications.
The precise and rapid identification of microorganisms is vital to ensuring safety and compliance. To meet these goals bioMérieux stocks a range of identification solutions, from manual methods to fully automated systems, featuring extended databases built on large populations of strains:

  1. API® - the global reference for manual identification, enabling microbiology identification test results in 4 - 72 hours.
  2. VITEK® 2 COMPACT - a powerful and intuitive automated workflow that delivers results in 2 - 18 hours.
  3. VITEK® MS - featuring MALDI-TOF technology for high throughput workflows, giving results within minutes.

A range of systems available, from manual to automated


Advanced solutions delivering accurate identification of microorganisms and microbes


Globally-recognized solutions


Utilising extended databases built on large populations of strains

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