TEMPO® CHALLENGE TEST Enumeration System

Your Solution for Innovative Enumeration

Providing quick microbiological analysis results for cosmetics products, will help you to release safer products faster on the market. With a reduction in time-to-results as well as cutting work time by half, your business can remain financially healthy when using the TEMPO® CHALLENGE TEST. The TEMPO® CHALLENGE TEST increases throughput with increased levels of enumerations, which increases flexibility and shortens the product development cycle.


We developed the TEMPO® CHALLENGE TEST with a broad range of cosmetics testing capabilities so you can have the exact enumeration.


Main benefits :

●    Free up time for investigation studies and quickly adapt to seasonal workload peaks
●    Decrease new formulation development time and manage more projects concurrently
●    Neutralization efficiency demonstration: 1 to 4900 CFU/g or ml
●    Enumerate: from 100 CFU/g up to 10E8 CFU/g
●    Less waste and simplified reagent management (long shelf life and space savings)
●    Enumeration traceability, connectivity to LIMS and results exportable to Excel
●    Compatible with all cosmetic categories


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21 CFR part 11 compliant


ISO 11930 compliant


USP <1223> compliant

Product tests

The TEMPO® CHALLENGE TEST is a microbiological testing solution suitable for all categories of testing on cosmetics products. It is a miniaturized and optimized MPN method (16 tube repetition). A unique enumeration card (3,7 log reading range per card) and single vial of specific culture medium replaces numerous dilution tubes and plates.


With more than 150 products tested, the TEMPO® CHALLENGE TEST is your reliable and robust solution for faster and less labor intensive cosmetics pathogen detection.

shower gels, shampoos, soaps, antiseptic liquid soaps, deodorants, shaving 

Skin care: 
face masks, massage oils, anti-aging creams, self-tanning, anti-redness, whitening cream, sunscreen, make up removal lotion

foundation, eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara, glittering gel 

Hair styling: 
conditioners, moisturizers, straighteners

Baby products: 
titanium cream, cleansing products, skin lotion 

Oral care: 
toothpaste (regular, whitening, freshening) 


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