Endotoxin talks: interview with Jack Levin

Endotoxin Talks, episode 3 : The transition from LAL to rFC, seen by Jack Levin

For this third episode, we had a conversation with Jack Levin, hematologist and inventor of the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate method for Endotoxin Testing. 

Discover the third episode of our Endotoxin Talks video series. In this video series, we’ll cover the main challenges of these new solutions : sustainability, routine use and implementation, return on investment.. The move from LAL to  synthetic reagents provides a more sustainable solution for bacterial endotoxin testing in the lab today. What is the opinion of the inventor of LAL on this important shift ? Jack Levin tells us the story of his discovery and how the transition to rFC appears to be as much efficient as LAL. 

“We're in a stage where recombinant Factor C is working for people. There are tests that indicate that it detects a wide range of bacteria”

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