PREVI® Color

Automated and manual gram staining methods

  • Fully automated stain process from fixation to drying
  • High quality manual methods


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Full Traceability of your staining process

• PREVI® Color includes a barcode reader insuring traceability of slides and reagents
• All operation performed on the system are stored in a log file and can be exported

Intuitive Graphical Touch screen

• User friendly approach for an easy handling of the system
• Visual alerts in case of low reagent level or full waste container
• Visual maintenance reminders can be set up by the user

Gram stainer and Cytocentrifuge as “2 in 1” system

• Change your carousel and use the instrument to effectively concentrate samples for Gram stains
• Avoids the investment in a stand-alone instrument or use PREVI® Color as a back-up to your current cytocentrifuge
• The cytocentrifuge rotor benefits from the ease of use and the flexibility in consumables and programs of the PREVI® Color

Small & self-running

• Automated cleaning of the nozzles & the instrument for easier maintenance
• Load and Go
• Level monitoring

Do it your Way!

• Up to 10 storable programs
• Choice of reagent type and packaging
• Batch staining or partial loads

Clean & Safe

• Closed system and ready-to-use closed reagents
• Integrated reagent waste container

Spray the Word!

• Spray nozzle system to decrease reagent consumption & waste
• Standardized Slides ready in 5 minutes
• Avoids cross contamination


PREVI® Color Gram

Slide carousel capacity                         12 (PREVI® Color Gram 12)
                                                             30 (PREVI® Color Gram 30)
Dimensions                                          H 25.5 cm x W 58.5 cm x D 56 cm
Clearance Height (Lid open)                  58 cm
Weight                                                  15.5 kg
High throughput                                   12-120 slides/hour (PREVI® Color Gram 12)
                                                             30-300 slides/hour (PREVI® Color Gram 30)

PREVI® Rotor (optional application)

Capacity                                               8 chambers and slides
Weight                                                  1.1 kg
Dimensions Diameter                          22.6 cm x H 6.2 cm
Speed Programmable                           100 to 2000 rpm
Body Fluids                                          Sputum, Pleural Fluids, Synovial/Pericardial Fluids, Bronchial Washing, CSF

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