VIDAS® Hormone analysis in animal applications :Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine, Porcine

VIDAS® Hormone analysis in animal applications

  • VIDAS® Progesterone
  • VIDAS® Estradiol
  • VIDAS®Testosterone
  • VIDAS® Cortisol S
  • VIDAS® T4
  • VIDAS® FT4
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Discover bioMérieux automated immunoassay solution in veterinary application 

Our VIDAS® instrument  solution is greatly appreciated worldwide for its simplicity, flexibility, reliability and 24/7 availability.

Thanks to its  ready-to-use single test concept, VIDAS® offers you  high quality reagents with proven accuracy and performance.

VIDAS® and its menu is the ideal partner for your daily challenges :

•    Reproduction management : VIDAS® Progesterone

•    Hormone analysis in Canine application : VIDAS® Progesterone, T4, FT4,Cortisol

•    Hormone analysis in Equine application : VIDAS® Progesterone,  Estradiol

•    Hormone analysis in Feline application : VIDAS® T4, FT4

•    Hormone analysis in Bovine application : VIDAS® Progesterone,  Testosterone

•    Hormone analysis in Porcine application : VIDAS® Testosterone



VIDAS® and its menu , the ideal partner for your daily challenges  in veterinary application :

T4, Progesterone, Cortisol tests in less than 1 hour  

T4 Progesterone Cortisol tests

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