Automated Immunoanalyser for veterinary diagnostics

  • Ready-to-use single test concept
  • Easy-to-use
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
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The VIDAS® system is a multiparametric immunoassay instrument which enables veterinary laboratories to perform all stages of analysis on animal samples with the highest level of accuracy.

Immunoanalysis for veterinary diagnostics with VIDAS®

Providing the most reliable results in less than 1 hour, the VIDAS® system helps your veterinary laboratory to save time, resources and unnecessary diagnostic tests to identify and treat animal diseases with the highest level of efficiency, with quantitative values.

Our range of tests for veterinary applications include tests which can be used for Canine, Equine, Bovine species:

  • VIDAS® Progesterone, VIDAS® Testosterone, VIDAS® Estradiol,VIDAS® Cortisol S, VIDAS® T4, VIDAS® FT4

It guarantees quality results to help you make fast and right decisions when you need it.


miniVIDAS®: easy-to-use and complete solution for your lab

The miniVIDAS® system includes

  • Analytical module

       - Performs all stages of the analysis using fluorescence reading

       - Contains 2 independent compartments, each allowing 6 tests simultaneously

  • Built-in computer & printer

       - Used to manage all your results

       - Capacity to handle 12 tests per hour

       - Single-dose format assays

       - Everything included in one kit

       - Reagents all ready-to-use and bar-coded to simplify traceability

  • Wide range of reagents

For veterinary laboratories wishing to perform more tests more rapidly, we recommend the main VIDAS® system, a larger version of the miniVIDAS®:

  • Analytical module, computer and printer are independent
  • 5 independent compartments, each allowing 6 tests simultaneously
  • Capacity of 60 tests per hour


Why choose VIDAS® for veterinary immunoanalysis?

Internationally used, this automated system is the key to help your optimize your workflow and increase your lab productivity.

  • Ease of use

      - VIDAS® is a “load & go” system

      - Instrument is always ready and required minimal maintenance

      - Calibration stored in the analyzer's memory

  • Cost Effective

      - Single test reaction strips

      - Optimized cost per sample or animal

      - Batch or multiple assay testing

  • Reliability

      - MTBF > 1,000 days

      - No carryover contamination

      - Fluorescence reading

      - On-board QC program

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