Culture Media Proposed in Harmonized Methods

Ready-to-use media for objectionable & specified microorganisms detection

  • Follows US, EP & JP pharmacopoeias
  • Comprehensive range
  • High performance
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Our solutions for non sterile product testing include a broad range of culture media proposed in harmonized methods.

High performance detection of objectionable microorganisms

Our quality range of culture media enables reliable detection and enumeration of specific microorganisms and total viable counts, following requirements of the EU (chapters 2.6.12/2.6.13), US (chapters 61/62) and JP Pharmacopoeias.

Ideal for the detection and enumeration of objectionable microorganisms, they are essential to ensure pharmaceutical product safety.

Benefits of bioMérieux culture media range for non sterile product testing

  • Reliable

- Compliant with harmonized pharmacopoeias

- Developed, manufactured and distributed in compliance with ISO 9001 norm


  • Comprehensive range from total microbial count to detection and enumeration of specific microorganisms


  • Flexible :

- Available in different formats : plated or bottled media to suit your exact needs

- Customizable products are entirely possible from our dedicated special manufacturing suite


  • High quality :

- Raw materials are selected, controlled and blended by bioMérieux

- Full traceability and reproducibility of performance between batches


We also offer an extensive range of other media types and presentations.


Please consult our local company or representatives for the availability of these products in your country

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