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ON-DEMAND: We Are Going Back To The Future With Rapid Methods

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Originally Presented: February 14, 2022

Webinar Overview:

Rapid methods have been available to the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Although global regulations have changed to encourage their use (especially for rapid sterility testing) and the compendia have enhanced their chapters to promote the validation and implementation of these technologies, only a handful of firms have embraced rapid methods to their fullest potential.

Félix Montero-Julian, the Scientific Director for the Healthcare Business at bioMérieux, joins Dr. Michael Miller, President of Microbiology Consultants, to disprove common misconceptions related to rapid methods, and address any confusion surrounding rapid method applications and acceptance.

They also discuss the most current enablers, including guidance from USP, Ph. Eur., Annex 1, FDA and EMA, and share successful case studies where rapid methods have had the greatest impact.

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