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World Food Safety Day


Together, as food safety professionals we are working to keep people all over the world safe and healthy. Foodborne disease knows no boundaries and affects almost 1 in 10 people in the world. That equates to an estimated 600 million illnesses and 420,000 deaths annually.

At bioMérieux we are continually striving to design and develop new technologies to help food manufacturers and producers detect, predict, and ultimately, prevent food safety and quality events.  

We believe that we have entered a new error, where detecting and responding is not enough. Through pathogen mapping, microbiome analysis, whole genome sequencing and data mining, we can help transform the food industry for the future.

The #1 call to action on World Food Safety Day is to “ensure it’s safe.” Join us today and every day with a commitment to look for new ways to improve your programs, to look to new technologies and join us in our quest of continual innovation.

WFSD - What World Safety Day means to you?

Yasha MITROTTI - Executive Vice President Industrial Microbiology


Nick SICILIANO- CEO & Co-Founder of Invisible Sentinel - A bioMérieux Company


Guillaume DANCOISNE - Strategic Account Manager


Isabelle DESFORGES - Global Scientific Marketing Manager


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