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#5 - Pathogen Management: Dangerous Assumptions - Environmental Pathogen Monitoring - Introduction Guide

Environmental pathogens management (EPM) is essential in food factories. Yet, it is often a poorly understood area, surrounded by some dangerous assumptions. As a result, companies may set up suboptimal and counterproductive programs to manage environmental pathogens.

During his 30 years working in the global food industry, Jack Van der Sanden identified some of these dangerous assumptions. He exposes them in this article and shares some precious tips in order to avoid costly mistakes in your fight against environmental pathogens in your plant.



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International Food Safety Advisor

Jack van der Sanden is an international food safety advisor. He has been part of the global food industry for over 30 years.

After obtaining a food technology degree in The Netherlands, Jack joined the food industry as production supervisor. He migrated to New Zealand in 1990, where he obtained a post-graduate diploma in dairy science and technology at Massey University.


Over the years, he rose through the ranks and ended-up managing production, technical and food safety & quality teams. This cross-functional exposure enabled him to find pragmatic solutions, that strengthened food safety and quality systems in different multinational organizations.

During his career, he has not only advised small and medium-sized businesses in the food industry in New Zealand, but has also managed international consultancy projects in the United States, Europe and China. His expertise has opened many doors for him, from leading training in food safety and quality to mentoring many professionals in the food industry around the world.

During the last 10 years, he has specialised in Environmental Pathogen Management (EPM) and advised food industries in the design of pre-ventive and effective EPM programs.

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