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Different offers to shape your lab’s performance and simplify your every day life

  • Increased productivity
  • Safety
  • Ease-of-use
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With an ever-increasing number of automated solutions for their microbiology labs, high performance Information Technology solutions are essential. 


bioMérieux IT offer

To guide you through your laboratory automation process, bioMérieux has developed different offers adapted to your needs, all designed to help you deliver greater added value services and products to your internal and external customers.

With bioMérieux IT Solutions : 

• Quickly shared information to decision makers

• Full data and result traceability

• Data turned into actionable information

• bioMerieux support closer to you


VILINK® : online customer support

An online highly secure connectivity environment which optimizes instrument “up time”, brings you closer to bioMérieux technical support and improves your laboratory productivity

By providing immediate access to the latest instrument and application enhancements, it guarantees constant testing accuracy improvement

• Online support

• Recovery time reduction

• Peace of mind


LIMS™ : Accelerating your decision making process through connectivity 

Connect your LIMS™ to our systems and improve your laboratory data management system. 

• Automatic transfer of “to do lists” from your LIMS to analysis systems

• Automatic transfer of results to your LIMS

• Reduction of manual data entry

• Improve your data quality and integrity 

• Ensure full traceability (operator, dilution, expiry date)

• Facilitate accreditation of your lab

• Automatically exports results to internal or external customers and check results as they come in

• Improve process reactivity

• Save time in data handling


Software loaded onto your computer

With bioMérieux IT Solutions, we make the system integration into your own IT infrastructure a lot easier.

We improve the integration of your system into your infrastructure



Please consult our local company or representatives for the availability of these products in your country

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