API® Microbial Identification  

Easy and reliable identification of microorganisms

API® makes microbial identification easy and reliable.  Combining a simple standardized method with extensive and robust online microbial ID knowledge bases, API® is quickly and easily implemented into any microbiology laboratory.  


With a long shelf life and short learning curve and without the need for analytical instrumentation, API® provides an economical approach to routine microbiology.

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>690 species in the database including industrial organisms

connect LIMS

APIWEB™ online interpretation tool

user friendly

Compact easy to handle test strips

user friendly

Ergonomic inoculation cupules for reliable use


Extensive global support network

IMG Bacteria

Miniaturizing traditional biochemical test panels for microbial identification, API® makes ID faster, easier and less resource intensive.


Today API® has over 690 species in an online reference database including organisms from pharmaceutical environmental monitoring programs, pathogens in food and beverage applications and clinically significant organisms from veterinary applications. 

Campylobacter spp

Clostridium spp

Lactobacillus spp

Bacillus spp

Listeria spp

Staphylococcus spp

Micrococcus spp



Gram Negative bacilli

Lactic bacteria


the reference standard


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