DILUMAT® Gravimetric Diluter

Automated Gravimetric Diluter

Standardize sample preparation and increase your productivity.
The DILUMAT®gravimetric dilution system is designed to increase your laboratory’s productivity, ensure accurate dilutions and reduce contamination risks.
Our advanced automated gravimetric diluter is an intuitive and versatile system that enhances food analysis.

  • 1g to 375g samples 
  • 2% accuracy for dosing and dilution programs in normal and fast mode
  • ISO 6887, ISO 7218 & BAM compliant 
  • Ready to use complete tubing sets to connect DILUBAG® (DILUTUBE®), MASTERCLAVE® and bottles.
  • Automated rotating arm, fully open access to the bag reduces greatly risks of contamination
  • Three models for optimal sample tests; dilution and dosing: DILUMAT® START, DILUMAT® EXPERT & DILUMAT® EXPERT EVO.
  • Maximize your GENE-UP® experience thanks to our Lab Data Management System: CONNECT-UP!

2% accuracy for dosing and dilution programs, from 10 g to 375g in normal and fast mode


25g 1:10 dilution in 10 seconds


375g 1:10 dilution in < 80 seconds


4 programs: 1 for dosing and 3 for dilutions: standard, full diluent first & partial diluent

Bi directional

Automatic traceability & Bidirectional LIMS communication


BAM, ISO 7218 & ISO 6887 규정을 준수합니다.


Upgrade to XL configuration for large samples (375g)


DILUMAT®automated food sample diluters standardize your sample testing by: speeding up sample preparation, improving quality, and evolving with your lab’s needs.
DILUMAT® for optimal sample dilution and dosing, can easily handle a wide range of sample sizes, from 1g to 375g. The DILUMAT® system is compatible with DILUBAG® and MASTERCLAVE®.

Lab data management? Make it real with Dilumat Expert or Evo and Connect-up!

DILUMAT® START, for basic sample preparation (from 3g to 25g)

DILUMAT® EXPERT, for small or standard sample preparation (from 1g to 25g)

DILUMAT® EXPERT EVO, for large sample preparation (from 3g to 375g with XL Pack), and lab data management thanks to Connect-Up. 

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