MASTERCLAVE® Media Preparator

Efficient Broth and Culture Media Preparation

MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system which places automation at the heart of your laboratory and improves the entire workflow, from media to sample preparation.
MASTERCLAVE® is the first step in effective pathogen detection and numeration, particularly for the preparation of culture media for bacterial growth and when a high volume of broth is required for food precise microbiological control.
The system is designed to provide an intuitive, efficient and robust approach to the preparation of culture media, agar or broth.

Sterilization and dispensing performed under control reduces contamination risk,and ensures media and temperature homogeneity. Connect several DILUMAT® and keep the same dilution performance.

  • 1 to 20 L of culture media, broth or agar 
  • Up to 88 dilutions – 25g samples 1:10
  • 35 years’ of experience 
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Consistent performance with pressurized distribution

easy to clean

Easy to clean


ISO 11133, ISO7218 and GMP compliant


Save operator time by removing manual steps such as weighing, water addition, homogenization, autoclaving, water bathing, and traceability

user friendly

Your media available anytime! with the autostart feature for MASTERCLAVE 20


MASTERCLAVE® is a highly reliable range of media preparators based on over 30 year’ of manufacturing experience. 
All MASTERCLAVE®  preparators feature state-of-the-art technology designed to automatically prepare high-quality broth and agar media, enabling high levels of quality control of culture media in a microbiology laboratory.

Buffered peptone Water

Salmonella supplement

Vancomycin supplement 

Half Fraser broth

Dehydrated LPT broth 



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