VITEK® AST Automated Solution for ID/AST

Automated Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

VITEK®2 TECHNOLOGY is an automated system for antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) and microbiology identification (ID). The system can identify and detect resistance to many routine organisms encountered in veterinary diagnostics in as little as 5 hours, helping you run a more effective veterinary diagnostic laboratory.

Used for microbial identification of veterinary pathogens, VITEK® 2 provides fast and accurate antibiotic susceptibility testing and resistance detection. The automated system performs same-day susceptibility tests (with results in as little as 5 hours based on clinical trial data), significantly increasing the veterinary lab’s workflow and improving clinical veterinary microbiology.
Offering a wide menu of the most relevant susceptibility tests for veterinary diagnostics, the VITEK® 2 system demonstrate, high performance with the ability to detect even low-level resistance and new resistance mechanisms (AmpC, ESBL, MBL, etc.) The software is also updated each year to integrate all eventual taxonomy evolutions or guideline modifications and the VITEK® 2 cards are sealed to avoid contamination during the bacterial suspension filling step.

  • Accurate, rapid ID and AST results helping veterinarians carry-out targeted therapy.
  • Precise veterinary pathogen identification with same-day susceptibility tests
  • User-friendly interface for more intuitive veterinary pathogen detection
  • Makes antibiotic choices easier: Advanced Expert System™(AES) recognizes bacterial resistance mechanisms

Based on the Broth Microdilution ( BMD) reference method

connect LIMS

Effective cybersecurity employing Windows 10


Maximum traceability: provided with the pre-applied card barcodes

secured transport

Optimized user safety: our cards are closed and disposable to avoid any contamination

user friendly

Reduce hands on time: no additional reagents are required


Same day results: designed to provide ID/AST results in as little as 5 to 8 hours


VILINK® remote diagnostics & resolution


VITEK®2 makes targeted therapy faster, more efficient and more effective.
The analysis system improves pathogen detection while supporting your veterinary lab's clinical microbiology applications.

Livestock Gram positive AST testing

Livestock Gram negative AST testing

Pets Gram positive AST testing

Pets Gram negative AST testing 

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