VITEK® MS Rapid Identification of Microorganisms

Improve Your Productivity & Increase Confidence

VITEK® MS was developed for its rapid identification of microorganisms for the pharmaceutical,personal care, and food industries. Suitable for industrial manufacturers and pharmaceutical laboratories who work with microbial identification, our knowledge base contains the most frequently encountered organisms in pharmaceutical, food and animal health applications.


Tested with a comprehensive range of bacterial strains, VITEK® MS is a robust and automated system for microbial identification that functions as a general microbial testing method.


Main benefits :

●    Mould identification
●    15,556 strains used to build the VITEK MS knowledge base
●    192 isolates per run to maximize throughput capacity
●    Customizable with plant isolates
●    Ready-to-use reagent kits for quick and consistent sample preparation
●    93.9% total combined correct identification results
●    94% accurate single choice IDs with challenge mould strains
●    Traceability with barcoded target slides
●    Audit trail to record, track and report user actions
●    Multiple quality control checks performed during analysis

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AOAC RI validated, AFNOR approved, ISO 16140 certified and FDA cleared


Objective analysis eliminates human subjectivity

high throughput

High throughput with dependable results


Robust database for microbial identification

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VITEK® MS identifies the vast majority of microorganisms that contaminate production areas and finished products in a minimum amount of time. We can even customize your database to track facility-specific strains.

Using mass spectrometry, VITEK® MS is backed by our many years of microbiology expertise. With MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight) technology, it provides clear and accurate identification at the species, genus, or group level in minutes.




Myoplasma spp

Brucella spp

Listeria spp

Cronobacter spp

When Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

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Quality Built Knowledge Base

The decisions microbiologists make everyday impact the quality of the product manufactured. It’s important to have the most accurate identification results possible so that those decisions are based on sound data.

Our VITEK® knowledge base is built with multiple strains for each organism we claim to include intra-species diversity and ensure a highly confident ID.

Geography, testing and growth conditions can all impact an organism's protein makeup. That's why we incorporate theses variables into our knowledges base, so you can confidently and accurately identify organisms.


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