2. An Ever-Evolving Company Is A Successful Company (SIMMENTAL)

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Simmental Switzerland AG produces authentic Swiss cheese at the foot of the Niesen mountain peak. Simmental sources their milk from 1,800 family businesses in the surrounding area.

The company places an emphasis on innovation—not just within their final products, but also throughout the production process. Read below and watch the corresponding videos to learn more about Simmental’s ways of working in exclusive interviews Ernst Arn, CEO.

2. An Ever-Evolving Company Is A Successful Company


Simmental makes sure to keep up with market trends, while ensuring they put farmers first. This includes addressing the growing demand for plant-based products by only using cows with the beta casein A2 inside.

An important one for our farmers is to be economically successful on the long run. That means we need to translate consumer needs into added-value products.

Ernst ARN
CEO - Simmental-Switzerland AG


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